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  • Fri, Jun 07, 2024

    3 minutes read

    Interventional Oncology: The Emergence of Office-Based Labs

    Interventional Oncology (IO) is undergoing a dynamic transformation, reshaping the way care is delivered to oncology patients across the United States. At the forefront of this evolution is the growing incorporation of Office-Based Labs (OBLs) in the IO sector.


    Advantages of OBL Setting

    The data speaks volumes: ClearSight Health's data shows that in the state of New York alone, the majority of the highest-volume facilities performing Liver Tumor Embolization are now OBLs. This significant transition is indicative of a nationwide trend. OBLs represented 25% of total liver embolization procedures in Q2 2022 vs 30% in Q3 2023, resulting in year over year growth of more than 20% in the OBL space.

    Performing procedures in OBLs allows for increased efficiency and patient convenience, often leading to better outcomes. The capacity to design a lab that accommodates various models, such as the versatile hybrid model capable of alternating between Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) features and OBL functions, offers unprecedented adaptability and efficiency. Multi-specialty OBLs further enhance this capability, broadening the range of procedures that can be performed within one facility.


    A Delicate Balance: Referrals and Relationships

    Despite the rise of OBLs, the hospital environment maintains its essential role within the IO space. ClearSight Health's data reveals that among physicians who primarily perform IO procedures in OBLs, 31% of their overall procedures are still carried out in a hospital setting. Referrals remain the lifeblood of any medical practice, and as physicians transition into the OBL setting, the maintenance of solid relationships with the hospital system is key.

    Facing the Future

    The rise of OBLs in Interventional Oncology is a testament to the adaptive, patient-centric direction healthcare continues to take. As IO procedures grow in the outpatient setting it becomes crucial for medical device reps and marketing teams to understand these trends deeply and align their strategies accordingly.



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