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General Questions

  • ClearSight Health shows you all physicians in your territory and allows you to filter or sort them by dozens of characteristics. Through features like procedure profiles or shared connections, ClearSight Health gets you the information you need to warm those cold calls.

  • Yes. ClearSight Health comes pre-loaded with contact information for physicians in your territory, but you can add or change contact details over time. You can even save key notes on your Whiteboard, and record your interactions and experiences. Along with key reminders, all of this information is shown to you on the physician home page.

  • ClearSight Health is a new kind of web application. You do not have to get it from an app store or keep updating it. Just save the link to your device’s home screen and it will carry your data and send you alerts and updates. You can even access it offline.

  • Both. ClearSight Health was designed to be used on the road and in the office. The varied schedule of the medical device rep requires a flexible tool, and ClearSight Health delivers a powerful experience regardless of setting.

  • Yes. If you save the app to your home screen, it will keep key data on your territory and let you use ClearSight freely. You can record new information even if you are in an operating room or airplane with no wifi or cell reception.

  • ClearSight Health is sales technology for the medical device sales representative, specifically designed to help you find new targets and manage your physician relationships all in one place. Instead of a product pushed down by your managers, ClearSight Health is your tool, for you to own.

  • ClearSight Health is available in both a Monthly ($34/month) or Annual ($29/month) subscription. You can cancel at any time effective at the start of the next billing period.

  • After you cancel your subscription, you can no longer access you account or the information you stored in it. If you want to reactivate it, however, just send an email to support@clearsighthealth.io

  • ClearSight Health is yours to access wherever life takes you. When you change companies your account will be updated with a new job title and new territory but preserving your hard-won relationships. Keep your contacts, interaction history and personal physician list for as long as you use ClearSight. Even if your territory changes, ClearSight will show you connections between your new physician list and anyone you previously knew.

  • ClearSight Health has developed a proprietary database comprised of dozens of national and state-level datasets. Our team of medical device industry experts and physicians has synthesized all these datasets into a unique data card for each physician that clearly and succinctly summarizes everything you need to know.

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